Monday, January 10, 2011

A Couple of Losers...

Mozziz "Coach Mo" DeWalt

Saturday, my hubby, Sam, and I went to our local health club to get started on their version of The Biggest Loser which will run over the next twelve weeks (this is round two for me.  24 lbs lost last time around).  It was an unexpected surprise when “Coach Mo” from Season 8 came and spoke to us for an hour…he was very motivational and will be visiting our group from time to time for continued inspiration.  At one point he was asked the question, “Do you get bored with the same old food choices…berries, chicken, etc.?”  I just loved his no-nonsense response of “No…we are the only species that eats for pleasure.  You are here to lose weight and you need to focus on that.”  I don’t know how many meetings in the past I’ve sat through where people bitch about not liking veggies or how can they possibly give up burgers and fries.  Ugh ~ I loved Coach Mo’s “no excuses” mantra and straight-forward view of health.

After this initial meeting, Sam looked a little overwhelmed but once we were organized, he seemed to be getting more excited.  From past experience I highly recommend ~ it is a fantastic tool for food journals, weight tracking, exercise logs and articles about health in general.  Also, I am about six months into a “clean eating” lifestyle so that is the “diet” that we will continue during this twelve-week journey.   

To get prepared for eating for the following week, Sam and I browsed through some recipes and then headed to Whole Foods to get stocked up!  I made several recipes yesterday, dividing the recipes into pre-measured portions.  Some went in the fridge, some in the freezer (all labeled for easy food journaling) and some in our tummies!  Two favorites this week:  Italian Shrimp Stew from January’s Clean Eating magazine.  Another good recipe was the Sweet Potato Oat Bars from The Eat Clean Diet, Recharged!

Wish us luck ~ but with weekly preparation of food and continued exercise, I think we will be a couple of successful “losers”!!

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