Friday, January 28, 2011

Extreme Pantry Makeover

When I first started “eating clean” there were many ingredients in the recipes that were not in my pantry.  Nuts, oils, whole wheat flours, raisins and so on.  But, what I’ve noticed over the last six months, is that once you have the staples, all you need to buy are the fresh ingredients as the fill-ins.

Once I discovered that I used the same staples again and again, I decided to give my pantry a makeover.  I bought these inexpensive glass containers to give me that "Martha" look.  Then, one of my great friends sent me these wonderful labels for Christmas.  They are chalkboard labels that are so easy to use ~ just peel and stick.  Once again, they came from an Etsy seller (my favorite to promote)…Bradens Grace.

They always say that once your home is in order, then your life is in order.  Well, I’m not the neatest person in the world, but I LOVE a clean kitchen.  So, to piggy-back on the “home in order” theory, when my pantry is in order, I’m in order!

Suggestion…buy in bulk…it’s cheaper, fresher and uses less plastic in packaging.

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