Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy Sweat Glands, Batman!

I said that I’d try new things this year and I’ve been slacking.  So, I finally got out of my boot camp mentality and tried something completely new to me.  I Googled yoga places in my area and found Bikram Hot Yoga.  Sounded interesting ~ what the heck!

It was a very different atmosphere.  At most traditional gyms the room is filled with chatter of daily life while waiting for the instructor to arrive.  At the yoga gym, the opposite is true.  You take your shoes off at the door and then find your spot in the room (shhh ~ very quietly) and place your mat, two towels and two water bottles nearby.  There were a handful of people already lying on their backs relaxing.

Next, I went to the bathroom to put my personal belongings into a locker.  Uh-oh…they only had cubbies.  I asked a lady what she does with her purse during the workout and she responded in a hushed Zenlike voice, “I put it in the cubby.  We are very trusting here.”  These words were obviously not soothing to me, because in the middle of class while I was supposed to be centered, all I could think was, “Someone better not be stealing my credit card!”  

I was completely surprised by how demanding this form of exercise was.  I’m not exactly sure what my expectations were, but I’m now a fan.  I will incorporate this into my workout regime once a week now.  90 minutes of Bikram Hot Yoga followed by 30 minutes of a spearmint Epsom salt bath ~ ahhh!