Friday, December 3, 2010

Seasoning My Tweeps!

My zesty onion avatar on Twitter is sporting a Santa Hat for December.  So, because I have to be home between 11 and 3 today (ugh!) to accept a delivery package, I'm bored!!  With this boredom, I have to decided to "season" some of my tweeps' avatars.  (disclaimer:  if one of you tweeps don't happen to celebrate Christmas, please don't be offended and just enjoy the sentiment!!).!/dermiepie!/CrabbyVegan!/GraciousPantry!/KooKoo4Culinary!/MegVegLibrarian!/ShitServersSay


  1. that is awesome!! i love dermie and meg too. those are great pics. looks like picnik to me cool editor. thanks

  2. thanks crabby ~ waiting to see the change on your Twitter avatar!!