Monday, November 8, 2010

Flexing My Tarian!

So, I put a poll on my blog a week ago about types of vegetarianism.  I’ve, of course, read Vegetarian for Dummies…isn’t the “Dummies” series where all personal journeys begin?   My second step was with “clean eating”…pretty much eating things without a bar code.  I started to feel better.  I started consuming nuts and real cheese and veggies and fruit…lean meat and great organic dairy.  Not only have I been feeling better, but weight is dropping off.
Then, I started watching movies like Food, Inc. and Fast Food Nation…ugh!  I haven’t had a burger in about four months now!!  (By the way, did you know that Burger King offers a Veggie Burger?).  It may not be the best on the list of things to eat, but it’s a fantastic alternative if you are in a hurry.

I’ve always been a sucker for animals.  Once stationed in Alabama, I sold ad space for a local newspaper.  I soon wanted to start a space in the paper for the local no-kill animal shelter.  Initially, my boss would not support a section for the “animal of the week” because it was not cost-effective.  With this bad news, I took it on my own to determine the cost as it applied to an ad space and divided the logo space on the perimeter of the promotion to compensate the cost.  I drove around town and “sold” my idea amongst many retailers for a small logo ad space required to support the “Pet of the Week”.  Very quickly, I was able to find sponsors for my idea and went from there.  By the time we left Alabama, the shelter gave me a plaque, a card and a wonderful good-bye.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even realize I had made such an impact.  They were able to adopt out many animals due to my work.  At the time, it just seemed to be the right thing to do.  In the end, I not only had a cute little black shelter cat named Chloe, but a great sense of accomplishment.  So, to make a long story longer...I am now eating organic and natural foods.  I would not classify myself as a vegan, although I have much respect for those much-disciplined individuals.  I eat free-range eggs, drink organic milk and will only eat either grass-fed beef or other humanely-raised animals.  I am now conscious of fish and how they are raised or caught or their rarity in the world.  I am a “Whole Foods” junkie and get kind of grossed out now when I go to a “normal” grocery store.  I also seek out restaurants that support and use locally-grown items.  The experience is completely different than a franchise-type establishment.

Anyway, after my poll, I realized that I am possibly a flexitarian now.  I don’t eat meat everyday.  I am trying to cut down on my carbon footprint.  I am aware of my food and where it comes from.  So, I finally have a label ~ FLEXITARIAN!!  What a much better way to describe myself than a WHATEVERTARIAN.  I am now making better choices for me and my family.  I am really curious to see where my family and I progress to in the next few years.


  1. My new favorite term -- flexitarian! Michelle, thanks for your insights in to eating clean. You have inspired me and I now have Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook, as well as The Butt Book! I am beginning my journey and will be counting on you for moral support and continued inspiration. By the way, any tips for Eat Clean kitchen staples?


  2. Thanks Linda!! What is The Butt Book??! :-)

    My pantry now has a variety of nuts, quinoa, agave nectar, oatmeal, olive oil, beans...I also shop every three days or so and buy fresh ingredients ~ veggies and dairy and eggs...meats that are from local farms that treat and feed their animals right. Go watch Fast Food Nation ~ it will turn your stomach.

  3. The Butt Book - How to Build a Non-Cellulite & Fat-Free Butt in 9 Weeks! by Tosca Reno. It has some basic butt exercises that you can do at home, as well as some gym exercises. It also has one week of clean-eating recipes which will make the beginning of my program easier for me. There are additional clean-eating recipes and slimming soup recipes. When I went on to Amazon to buy the cook book, this showed up and it was only 8 pounds I figured, what the heck! Wish me luck and thanks for the input.

  4. Cool ~ much luck!!! Can't wait to hear what you think after week one...I think you'll be surprised.