Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Ranting of a Corn Nut

OK, so I’m trying to keep my blogging somewhat positive and upbeat, but yesterday took me through a loop.  My youngest daughter brought home a paper stating that the class was going to celebrate “the friendship between Pilgrims and Native Americans” by having a “special corn product snack”.  Each child was told to choose one item to bring in from the following list:  Doritos, Go-gurt, marshmallows, soft drink, flavored popcorn, cheese puffs, Cheetos, Corn Chex or corn bread.  REALLY?

what is corn anymore?
We have to teach our children this “friendship” by having them eat processed, HFCS-laden crappy junk food?  Seriously, when did Thanksgiving become about Cheetos??  As a second part of the task, each child has to bring in a list of corn products in the home.  Great, we don’t carry anything with HFCS in our home anymore.  We have a can of corn.  I have some Amy’s Organic Black Bean Veggie Soup with some corn in it.  But, really, other than that ~ it’s a no go.  Even our ketchup is of the no-HFCS variety.  Does anyone know of any other household product(s) that contain corn?  I’ve heard something about plastic sandwich bags, possibly parchment paper that contain corn ~ is this true?

My immediate reaction was completely pissed off.  I drafted 10 different emails to the teacher expressing my disgust…but then deleted each one noting the lace of venom.  I knew that it would do nothing but make me look like a completely crazy mom.  I’m still pondering whether to address this issue or not with the teacher, so I’m asking for your opinion.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


  1. Hey girl! We just watched Food, Inc again last night and it really is amazing how many items DO contain corn. I believe batteries was one of them. Crazy, huh? Sorry to hear about such unhealthy requests. I have to say I would have been disappointed too. Conner and Lauren had their 1620s Day at school today and, luckily, they were served a nice home cooked meal. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am super excited to be getting a free range turkey from out grocery store. What's on your Thanksgiving menu this year? Would love to see a post on what you are cooking.

  2. Just bought my first free-range turkey as well!! Mom and I share the cooking responsibilities and are going to hammer out the details this Friday...will let you know!!