Monday, October 25, 2010

Bethenny Rocks!

We were introduced to Bethenny Frankel on Martha Stewart’s The Apprentice, and laughed out loud with her snarky, witty one-liners on The Housewives of New York, but over the past few months, I’ve realized that she is much more than just a reality star and the creator of the SkinnyGirl margarita ~ which I have yet to try (hint-hint to anyone wanting to get me a little something for Christmas this year!).

About two months ago, I happened upon Naturally Thin, Frankel’s book on her views of eating and being thin, naturally!  There is a Kindle App on my Ipad which works out brilliantly for my ADD-style of reading.  Sometimes I’m in a learning mood, and then a half-hour later I want a light, fun read.  Frankel’s is more the latter; however, it is by no means fluff.  She makes tons of great points and states things in a way that just makes sense.  For example, due to diet brainwashing that we’ve all experienced, she used to be afraid of foods…even to the point of asking sushi chefs to remove avocado from rolls.  I completely related to this.  Until I started eating clean, I didn’t eat avocado, nuts, olive oil, cheese or anything perceived to have a fat content.  What I should have been running away from was processed food, but that’s a whole other story.

Today, Samantha, my nine-year old daughter, and I decided to do a workout.  We flipped on On Demand to the exercise section and, low and behold, Bethenny has a workout, Body by Bethenny!  We gave it a whirl.  There were three sections…yoga, strength and booty.  Samantha and I tried the yoga.  The renamed “boob-to-knee pose” was hilarious, but I suppose you’ll have to do the workout to see this one.  Self-admittedly, I’m a calisthenics-type gal, but in an effort to do new things, I stuck with it.  Although tough for me, it was a lot of fun.  It was obvious that my flexibility and balance could use some tweaking.  My new goal: add yoga at least once a week to my workouts!

Thanks, Bethenny, for the inspiration and laughs!

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